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Rules for Posting:

Anyone who VIOLATES ANY of these RULES will be BANNED from POSTING to our site !!!

1. You can post TWO (1) picture per DOMAIN per DAY. The same picture may NOT be posted more than 1 time !

2. All pictures MUST be legal and licensed to your site.

3. We do NOT allow nude pictures.

4. We do NOT allow illegal pictures (e.g. celeb, child pornography or bestiality).

5. We do NOT allow sites whose pic or banner links to another picture post or top100 site.

6. Your picture descriptions MUST NOT be misleading.

7. We do NOT allow posts that are hotlinked to someone else's site.

8. We do NOT allow posts located on ISPs that prohibit adult related material.

9. We do NOT allow Sites with exess consoles or pop-ups windows.

10. We require a reciprocalv banner link to FACESITTING PIC POST.

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